MATOS IMPORT it is also a service offering in our workshop located in Cap d'Agde (France).


Import all your gear performs repairs, all brands on offer.


small: € 298
Full: € 498

Key Programming: € 99

DESS key and more: € 49.95


Matos import loads once the seasonal maintenance of your watercraft and prepares for the winter.

Like any vehicle, your jet ski must always be maintained.
Maintenance is performed by a qualified and serious person to your total satisfaction.

Wintering is essential for reliable operation of the engine and your machine.

The rainy season and déshivernage package costs: € 178 regardless of the brand.


Matos Import offers caregiving of your jet in Cap d'Agde (France).

Go get in easily with your jetski. Our watersports center offers its structure and material to your satisfaction so you can make the most annoying and without constraints your favorite sport and your machine.

- Day: € 25
- Full year 1500 €

In season (April to September) :

- Week: € 155
- Month: € 499

Off season (October to March) :

- Month: € 155
- 6 months: 550 €

Option with trailers :

- Single Trailer: € 7 per day
- Double trailer: 15 € per day

Pricing without trailers, for max 3 VNM Places, included launching.

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